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Brandyn S. Harris

BrandynThe eldest of Rennie Harris' children, Brandyn remembers watching his father dance ever since elementary school, Originally from north Philadelphia he spent his most recent years in Upper Darby, PA where he graduated high school in 2006. Since then he has spent most of his time performing and competing on the local circuit of Philidelphia as well as nationally. Whether it be talent shows, dancing in clubs, or maybe even dancing on the street, Brandyn strives to be one of the greatest dancers of Philadelphia who hasn't been studio trained (ballet, modern, hip hop etc). Presently this is the first time he worked with his father on a consistent basis and is continuing to learn more about the true history of hip hop every day. As a dancer in both RHPM and Rennie Harris R.H.A.W, Brandyn's schedule can be a little hectic traveling around the world with both companies. Although he has only been training with Rennie Harris R.H.A.W since 2008, Brandyn is consistently progressing as a person and as a dancer, and hopes to one day follow in his father's footsteps as a premier choreographer. To date Brandyn serves as the assist rehearsal director of Rennie Harris R.H.A.W.